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BAM is an official provider of IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Rider Course. With our team of qualified coaches we provide personal training to help you build your skills and become an Advanced Rider.

Masters skills training

Full Members only. A fantastic opportunity to brush up & improve your riding skills. Ideal preparation work for any one wishing to go in to the IAM Masters Training Programme which is the highest civilian qualification available in the UK.

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Try Before You Buy - If you are looking to improve your riding skills, then look no further. You can get yourself a free one to one ride out with an advanced observer. To arrange your ride out please contact us by email by clicking here. It will help if you can tell us what motorbike you currently ride, along with your phone number and address.

Advanced Rider Course


Your IAM RoadSmart journey starts here! We’ve created an enjoyable and supportive Advanced Rider course to give you additional knowledge and skills to make your on-road experiences safer and more fulfilling.We want to help you enjoy your passion, grow friendships, and create memorable experiences on your bike, now and in the future.

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